Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday I was watching a YouTube video featuring the late Christopher Hitchens. I scrolled down to the comment section and found a recent one from someone whose username sounded oddly familiar. After massaging my temples for a few seconds, I realized that this was the same individual who'd left some aggressive comments on a video that debunked Scottish medium Derek Ogilvie.

His comment on the Christopher Hitchens video: “This guy should find god!

Feeling compelled to reply to this, I wrote: “Mr. Hitchens died in December 2011. Maybe you should refrain from commenting on someone you know nothing about. Aside from that, telling others they need to find God is a bit rich coming from someone who is belligerent and disrespectful in his own (Dutch) comments ("eerloze rotkop", etc). You want others to change? Then set an example. (Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.)

His reaction: “I may express myself the way I like…You’ve got nothing to do with that. Fuck you!

My. Jesus would have been in envy of such biting wit and intellectual superiority.

I never avoid debates, but if it becomes apparent that my opponent is ignorant (or not quite right in the head) and so chooses to counter my arguments with insults and non-sequiturs, I walk away from it.

But, color me amazed, this individual wasn’t quite done with me yet and sent me the following private message:

I was a non believer to till i was 29. Now i am finding my way into religion.... It helps me to stay more focused and calm, and yes I got a litlle bit crazy during the years. But I am getting better now it was a hard long way for me believe that. I hope for you your life will be easier!

I couldn’t let this one slide. My reply: “First you say ‘fuck you!’ to me in a comment and then you have the nerve to send me a personal message claiming your belief in God CALMS you...Wow. Good luck with your obvious emotional instability (which is something you have in common with other people who suddenly started believing in God for wrong, insincere reasons). Tip: THINK before you post comments on videos.

His reply: “Fuck you! You suck!

The mind boggles.

I thought long and hard about it and finally decided to disclose the individual’s username: normanwieanders. My reasoning: other YouTube users should know that this person can’t be reasoned with. It just might save them precious time and energy.