Oh Hai! I'm Nancy Strickland, the wayward progeny of a Canadian-American pencil pusher and a Dutch-German hausfrau. Born in Seattle, USA, raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands, yours truly is currently a 21-year-old Communication Science major. 24-year-old college graduate who’s saving up money for her Sab├ítico em Portugal residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

My mother tongue is Dutch, yet I post in English. How’s my multilingualism? Call 1-800-BITEME. I'm as fickle as a pickle, so I might switch to French at a later stage.

On this here unremarkable looking free website (now hiring: well-off whiz kid to design — and pay for — amazing looking domain) you will find a number of entries, divided into three categories: Annoyances; Film Reviews; and Ma Vie: Revelations of a Pretentious Bird.

The word Annoyances is apt; these entries are — for the most part — trivial and obscure in nature. I'm fairly righteous, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to spearhead a revolution. Example: my furiousness about BP's April 2010 tomfoolery notwithstanding, the number of oil-covered marine animals cleaned and nursed back to health by little old me totals to zero. See what I mean?

Film Reviews is where, yes, I review films. Sort of, anyway. "Descriptions of viewing experiences" is probably more accurate, but that phrase lacks pizzaz, wouldn't you agree? An even more accurate phrase in need of pizzaz is "Descriptions of viewing experiences marred by spoilers a go go and unsolicited autobiographical interludes." Ho hum.

Ma Vie: Revelations of a Pretentious Bird is dedicated to my personal life. Step right up, ladies and germs, and read all about your favorite pansexual agnostic. Where necessary and possible, names have been and will be changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty. (My search for an effective alias for 'parents' continues unabated.)

Can't get enough of me? Then head over to Tumblr and gawk at stuff I deem purdy, or visit me on Twitter, where I irregularly post something unmemorable of 140 characters or less.